How much does Kitsun cost?

We have 3 plans for you to choose from, depending on whichever is more comfortable for you and your learning journey! Monthly, Yearly, and Lifetime.

Monthly is a recurring charge of $8.00 which gives full access to everything that Kitsun has to offer, from community decks to the ability to use all the card generating tools such as the reader, Subs2Kitsun and dictionaries.

Next, we have the Yearly option that brings down the price to just $5.42 for a single month instead of $8.00, making it a total once-a-year payment of a mere $64.99, which means you get almost 4 months of learning for free! Same as monthly, you have full access to all that Kitsun has to offer for aiding you in every subject you can imagine that you want to study.

And finally, we have Lifetime which is full access for your entire life for only $199, about only 3 years worth of Kitsun compared to the Yearly subscription. This means you'll be able to use all of Kitsun for any subject you want to study for your entire life.

Before you raise your eyebrow at any of those numbers, think about this for a second!

On average, a person spends about 2 and a half years to get to a comfortable level of the language they want to learn. Now that's only for one language. One subject.

With Kitsun, you can study any subject that you want, even multiple subjects at a time if you wish it. Are you a medical student who wants to create a bunch of decks based on Anatomy while also wanting to learn some French? We've got your back. And if you stick with us, even if you're done with medical school, you can set aside those medical decks and get to learning something else completely different too!

No need to go to any other site specifically for just one subject while having to learn their new ways and worry about how will you get around the fact that you can't just make your own cards. Kitsun is going to be with you the whole way to help you out.

Of course, you are free to choose whichever one you want. We will so very gladly welcome you with open arms no matter what! If you do choose monthly, don't forget that as a new user, you might need some getting used to the whole system first before getting completely comfortable, just like any other. But the whole Kitsun team and community are ready to guide you through that too. We'll be there for sure. 🦊

What's that? You heard about a discount?

Wha—Psshh...we don't have discounts...or hold an annual sale. Logo


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