How can I change account details?

You can change several things regarding your account in the settings such as your account details like your email address, the subscription of your choice, and also the billing.

If you're also looking to change your Kitsun interface's theme, wipe the cards management cache, or change some hotkeys, you've come to the right place too!

For your account details

  1. Under the side panel on your left, head over to settings.

  2. In this menu, you can find settings, subscription, and billing. If you want to change your account details, go ahead and click on settings.


  1. As you're scrolling down, you'll find many things you can tinker with, but for what you're looking for, head over to Account.


  1. Now you can go ahead and change your email address or password! Just don't forget to click then update button afterwards!


For managing your billing

  1. Head over to settings and click on billing.


  1. Under billing, you can find how you can manage your current payment method. Also, all the invoices for your chosen subscription plan.


For managing your subscription

  1. Under the settings menu on the side panel, click on subscription.


  1. Here, you can see your options and your current subscription plan.


  1. Once you've decided on your plan, if you scroll further, you can also find your options of payment methods as well as the confirmation for your choice of subscription plan.


  1. When you're all ready to go, just click subscribe and we can start your Kitsun journey!

If there are any settings you wish to change that you weren't able to find here or anywhere in the Knowledge Base, please do contact us at or feel free to join us on our Discord server! Logo


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