Can I customize the SRS Intervals?

Look no further if you're seeking the possibility of personalizing your own SRS Intervals to further optimize your learning!

Just keep in mind that SRS is at its most efficient if you set the intervals for the time when you're just about to forget the needed information. Your memory retention of an item gets consolidated every single time you answer your review card right, and that happens best when you recall the item just as you're about to forget it.

Now where are those SRS intervals?

  1. Head on over to your decks under the panel at the left side of Kitsun.


  1. Click onto the deck whose SRS intervals you want to customize.


  1. On the upper right side, you'll see three buttons. Go ahead and select deck settings.


  1. There are a bunch of things you can customize here to your own preferences but since we're talking SRS intervals, you can just open up the SRS panel.


  1. Under Intervals, you can see each level is assigned a certain number of hours. Here's where you can put in any number you want. Go ahead!

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